It all adds up: Charity is good for America

If you didn’t itemize on your taxes last year, then you weren’t able to take a charitable deduction … no matter how much you donated to your favorite causes.

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  • 79 percent agree
  • It’s not magic
  • 6 times more
  • 100 Million Can’t Take the Charitable Deduction

Key Facts

The charitable deduction encourages more giving.

  • For 100 years, our tax code has been a powerful tool to encourage and empower Americans to support their communities through charitable giving.
  • Taxpayers who receive a deduction for their contributions give more to charities than those that do not receive a deduction.
  • Proposed changes to the tax code could ultimately limit the value of this critical incentive and potentially reduce giving by $17 – $34 billion.

Americans support expanding the charitable deduction.

  • A 2017 poll found that 85 percent of American voters support protecting the charitable deduction. In the same poll, 75 percent of voters support expanding the charitable deduction to all taxpayers.

The charitable community wants to work with policymakers on this issue.

  • On the 100th anniversary of the charitable deduction, we urge policymakers to seize this opportunity to consider policies that could expand this incentive to 100 percent of American taxpayers.

Spread the Word to Your Networks

The charitable deduction isn’t available to approximately 100 million American taxpayers. Or, to put it another way, there are at least 100 million people who should know about Giving100.

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