After 100 years, it’s time to extend the charitable deduction to 100% of U.S. taxpayers

Since 1917, the U.S. tax code has encouraged charity by allowing taxpayers to write off their gifts. But currently the charitable deduction is only available to those who itemize on their taxes, and “itemizers” are usually those with higher incomes.

Charitable giving is ingrained in our national identity. Building community, helping our neighbors, supporting the causes we care about. That’s the American way – and that’s what Giving100 is all about.


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When one donor sits down with one neighbor in need to share their hopes and dreams and struggles, we believe “charity” takes on a whole new meaning.

Have a listen, then ask yourself: Shouldn’t we encourage all Americans to give even more by democratizing incentives in the current tax code?


Right now, Congress is debating various ways to reform the U.S. tax code. If ever there were a time to make a positive change, this is it. Use the tool below to tell lawmakers that charity incentives should be available to 100% of taxpayers. Tell them that small givers matter. Tell them that their vote can unlock real change in our communities.

It only takes a moment to make your voice heard.