Expressing Gratitude by Giving to Charity

Imparting this knowledge to our children will enable them to develop a deep sense of appreciation for everything and make them more successful in life. It teaches them that life is not only about receiving but is also about giving. When children witness you giving to charity, they are very likely to adopt a similar frame of mind as they grow up. So, let your kids be a part of the giving experience as often as you can.

Giving has many associated Tax Benefits

Giving to charity can have tax benefits. However, the charity you are donating to has to be IRS-approved. This implies that, in most cases, you can obtain a tax deduction by giving to charity. Consequently, when you do your taxes, you can deduct the charitable donations. This allows you to pay fewer taxes by deducting the amount from your taxable income. You can do this either by filing individually on your 1040 or jointly. You have to itemize your annual deduction on Schedule A of 1040, including your charitable donation. However, you should keep in mind that there are restrictions on the amount you can claim for giving to charity. You are allowed deductions of up to sixty percent of your annual adjusted gross income. For instance, if you are in the fifteen percent tax bracket, your charitable contribution of $100 will allow you to save $15 in tax. Once you donate to your charity, ensure that they offer you a receipt for use when filing your taxes. Keep the receipt in a safe place so that you can easily access it when the time comes.

Giving to Charity Allows You to Express Gratitude

In the modern-day, life can get busy and you could easily find yourself forgetting to express gratitude for all that you have. There are many causes and charities involved in important work in the United States and across the world. When you are ready to make your contribution and are looking for charities and causes to support, remember that this is your opportunity to express gratitude. You can also give back by inspiring other people to give to charities on your social media pages

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a guide on some of the benefits of giving to charity. Giving to charity not only helps make other people’s lives better but builds your own character in the process. It also helps improve your mental health and cultivates a spirit of generosity among your kids and the people you love. So, don’t hesitate to give to charity and express your gratitude for life by making other people’s lives better.…

Giving to Charity – Spreading Love and Positivity

Many people and families across the world have lost their livelihood and comfort through political conflicts and disputes and fallen into a cycle of poverty. The most vulnerable are mothers and children who have become trapped into these cycles by no device of their making. Such people are in much need of hope if they are ever to break out of these poverty cycles. One way to help them is through giving to charities that offer relief to these communities in their own special way, whether it is providing necessities such as clean water and food, or access to education.

Giving Builds Your Character

Giving to charity helps build your character, as well as your self-worth and self-esteem. Giving to charity is a selfless act that helps you achieve a deep sense of growth and satisfaction through alleviating the suffering of the less fortunate.

Regularly giving to charity and causes someone believes builds commitment on the part of the giver and inadvertently makes you a responsible person. People who give to charity have a deep sense of responsibility to others and generally lead more rewarding lives.

Giving Improves Your Mental Health

In addition to building your character, and improving your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, donating to charity tremendously improves your mental health and lowers your levels of depression through the psychology of generosity.

Various studies have revealed that giving to charity positively impacts the brain, and fills the giver with a deep sense of gratitude and happiness. Researchers have likened this phenomenon to giving someone you love a hug when you are experiencing a bad day. Making a difference in another person’s life strengthens your state of mind and makes you less liable to feelings of depression.

Many people fall into depression due to a feeling of meaninglessness in their lives. The way to find meaning in your life is by being of service to others. When you are constantly involved in helping others, you are less likely to experience feelings of inadequacy or meaninglessness in your life.

It has been scientifically proven the giving to charity makes a person happier. In a study conducted in 2007 by Burghart, Harbaugh, and Mayr participants were offered $100 to spend on either a local food bank or themselves and their neural activity was recorded. Results from their neural activities revealed that participants who donated to the food bank had activities in their brain that are similar to receiving reward and pleasure. These results suggest that giving to charity is inherently pleasing, satisfying, and rewarding.

Imparting Generosity Among Your Children and Loved Ones

It has long been said that actions speak louder than words. Sharing your acts of generosity with your loved ones or children through giving to charity is a great way to teach them the importance of caring for each other, which is an essential lesson in life.

It is essential that we impart generosity to our children and loved ones by teaching them the importance of giving through our own actions. It is important that our children understand how fortunate they are, and of the unfortunate circumstances that children in some parts of the world experience, who wish to drink clean water, have a hearty home-made meal, and generally be in their shoes.…

Benefits of Giving to Charity

There is nothing better than the feeling of giving to charity and contributing towards helping somebody’s future or wellbeing. We are our brother’s keeper and are inter-reliant on each other for our protection and wellbeing. We have been endowed by our creator with a heart, feelings, and a mind, to allow us to feel and care for one another — not just our relatives — but all mankind. Many people falsely believe that material wealth is all there is to life. However, material wealth does not necessarily bring happiness or satisfaction in life. More often than not it is people that bring happiness to us and not materialism. Helping out other people and supporting others, whether they are your family, friends, or strangers evokes a feeling of joy that materialism cannot.

There are many benefits of giving to charity. Most people do it regularly while others do it as often as they can. More important than how regularly you make contributions to charity or how often you give, is the heart with which you give. Most people who give to charity do so out of a feeling of responsibility to the less fortunate, and because they would like to have a positive impact in their life. Studies on charity (source: Diversified Consultants) have revealed that other than having an impact on other people’s lives, giving to charity carries its own wellbeing and health benefits. Contributing to causes you feel deeply about is not only consequential to the charity and the recipients of the donations but can also benefit you as a person.

It is important to note that giving to charity does not exclusively mean making monetary donations. Giving to charity could be in the form of donations such as toys, clothes, or footwear. Another way to give to charity is by dedicating your time to a charitable cause through volunteering and sharing the cause with other people. Doing this gives you the opportunity to interact with new and like-minded individuals, who are committed to the same cause, and this makes you feel grateful for giving to charity and makes you more knowledgeable about everyday affairs.

In this article, we discuss some of the main benefits of giving to charity and why you should consider giving to charity.

Giving Positively Impacts Other People’s Lives

Perhaps the benefit of giving to a charity that is above all others is the potential to completely transform someone else’s life. Giving to charity can transform more lives than you initially set out to help. Through your contributions to charity, charities across the world can provide the less fortunate in society with necessities for their daily life, such as clean water and food.

People in some parts of the world are not half as fortunate to enjoy some of the necessities that we do. Some of the challenges include inadequate access to clean water, food, and treatment for diseases such as typhoid and cholera. Due to inadequate food children often get malnourished or starve to death. Regardless of how big or small you think your donation is, it can go a long way in improving the lives of others. So do not shy away from giving to charity because you think your donation is very small or won’t have any impact.…